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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Bracelet

I finally did it. I created a bracelet for Miss Sookie Stackhouse! (pronounced: "suh-kee" -- NOT "sue-kee") It will be put up tomorrow. I have ONE on hand, but duplicates might be possible. :) To give you a hint... it's red... her favorite color! Gotta love the Southern Vampire Series!

In other news... I need to retract what I said about Natalie's arm... she was NOT hit by a ball as I originally thought. The little boy didn't see her coming and he kicked the ball... it was his FOOT that hit her hand. Thus the "snap". She's healing nicely although it's really sore, you can't touch the top of her hand at all. She can use most of her fingers but she can't do much in the way of putting pressure on anything. Her hand cast-thing (?) is getting filthy. Tomorrow night I'm going to bleach it. lol i figure she can sit in the living room and watch a movie while it's in the wash, plenty of time before bed. The cast is made of thick canvas fabric and has laces and ties everywhere, can't really explain it, but i'll take a photo of it this weekend.... after we bleach it! Ick. It's gross.

Did anyone see Kirsty Alley on Oprah today? Funny stuff!! She made me laugh out loud, always the battle of weight. Boy, can I relate to that. Boo hiss.

Well, ladies and gents... I's off fer the night. :) I'm going to finish three more custom orders and take photos of the Sookie bracelet, which, turned out beautifully! It's whimsical and fancy, all at the same time. A true Sookie bracelet. :)

Right now, while I sit here writing this blog post, my sweet little Bells is asleep just underneath my neck. She's the sweetest little thing. She spazzes out when the kids come home from school, wanting to romp with them outside. She is babied and carried around...still. She's growing too! (which I'm so thankful for because she still can't get up steps...NONE of them! LOL) If Emily would send me photos ::cough cough:: ::screaming:: ::stomping feet:: EMILY!!, i'd post 'em. :) Soon peeps, soon.


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