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Friday, May 8, 2009

Cat in a suitcase.

This week was long. I'll give you that, but today I only cried once about Bella. Just once. I miss her so...but, it will get better. ::smile::

I was visiting another blog and found the video (below). Since Monday, I've not really laughed... I've laughed but not where I was happy about why I was laughing, does that even make sense? Not fake laughing... just not a deep laugh... until I saw this clip. It made me laugh until I cried, in a good way, and for that I am so happy. It brought such joy to watch this little clip for almost three minutes. It's a riot. Definitely watch it. :) I think you'll laugh too.

Oh to have the life of a cat in a suitcase. :)
Thank you Becky for the clip.

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