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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday relaxation with Jack-Jack

On our way to Ohio, I wanted a coffee so we stopped at Mac's. Making sure Jack-Jack had an opportunity to "write and send letters", I put him in the grassy area. All he wanted to do was relax in the tall blades.
He smelled something, I don't know what, but you can see how his nose is crooked... lol I like this one.

just hangin' out...

you can kinda see how big he is...

Just enjoying the day...
My groomer mentioned that we needed to "tape" his ears up so they would stand upright on their own.
I'm not sure. I kinda like them just as they are, floppy. Next week, I'll do some research online to
see what's better. I think this might be one reason he was still there, because most people want a
Yorkie whose ears stand up. I don't really care. He's unique. And Special.

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