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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday Everyone! :)

All packages purchased yesterday that don't need resizing will be shipped today. However, if you need something resized OR if you asked for changes, I'll make them today and tomorrow and ship Monday. Saturday and Sunday I won't be working. This week has been long and I need a break and want to spend some time with my family. :)

Tomorrow I'll be posting some more clearance items (lol) since I got a few emails from some who said, "I missed out!" Sorry about that! I'm working on putting up a clearance page each month. This isn't my specials, these are things that are simple, lower in price and perfect for a fun pick-me-up, wanting to spend some newly found cash, or want to give a gift to someone (or yourself for no reason at all). I suppose you could say it's like my old Value Page but these are things I can't make multiples of, so you'll have to catch them when you can.

I went to Zumba last night (again). I stood in between Moon and my other friend April. I don't like either of them anymore!!!!!! How they can get their upper body and their lower body to move independently of each other is BEYOND ME!! And!!!!! I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!! I can!!! I can!!!! But I cannot Zumba!!!! grrr. I'm working on it. More on this soon... ugh.

Your uncoordinated friend,

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