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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jack-Jack the slacker.


I'm getting really sleepy. You just keep working. I'm taking a nap. I've had a hard day.
I'm just going to sleep in my cozy bed. You just go back to eating your Smarties.
(I guess he decided that he didn't want to sleep in his bed after all. lol)

(nearly out of the bed

Hi Everyone :)
Yesterday while I was busily working on orders and other things, Jack-Jack sat quietly in Bella's bed... I did put a towel over it so not too much pink would show. I don't think he cares but you never know, he might be offended by all that pink. :) I thought I'd show you a few of them. :) lol He's quite a character, Mr. Jack-Jack. He's learning his name and comes (for the most part) when you call. :)
You can see from my photos (just bits) that my work area is a mess! Yes. Yes. Yes. I know. You don't need to remind me, and don't get me started on my floor. Altho, I did sweep it last week but it has managed to get messy again. Oh well. That's what comes from intense work! I just plug along and forget that I have a trashcan, although it's pretty full at the minute.
You all have a great day, I'm so glad today is Wednesday. The weekend is close. I hope for sun.


Kristen said...

Laurie, he's so cute! Totally love that he conked out... outside the bed! Cutie pie!

Candice said...

Oh dear...

Now, how pathetically pampered is THAT?!

He's such a cutie! LUV all the pics!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

My girlfriend strings bracelets the same way you do, stuff all over the place, it makes me nervous! But her items are eclectic, which I love very much. I am too controlled. Can't make a mess and have disarray around me, I wish I could, though.