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Friday, May 22, 2009

Idol thoughts...

Before I head to my studio room (to tidy and begin working) I'd like to mention how happy I am that Kris Allen won American Idol. How excellent is that?! I wasn't sure he'd win but I've liked him for weeks. My Mom thought Danny would win and for whatever reason, I didn't think he would, but I know we both didn't want Adam to take the prize. Not for all the reasons you might think though. Yeah. He has a strange tongue length. Yeah. He has a unique hair style. Yeah. He screams a. LOT. Yeah. He's gay. Yeah. He's a bit theatrical. Yeah. He's all of those things...

My issue is with his being on stage since he was what? Two? Four? Something like that. Then his folks enrolled him into acting classes at the age of ten. See? I take issue with that. He's not a diamond in the rough that will be smoothed over time, with practice and being on the Idol Road. He knows his stuff, knows he's got stuff and knows how to perform. I'm wanting someone who is unsure of himself, has lots of followers who just like him because he's still trying to "figure it out" and someone who is well, like Kris. Or, like Carrie Underwood... remember her? lol Remember that girl? The one who sang in her church and nothing else? The one who didn't want to even try out for Idol because of fear? Yeah. Her. I like her character and look at how she's gone, making fourteen million dollars last year (so says Forbes). Amazing! And then we have Kelly Pickler whose background is so rocky, it's a wonder she even managed to keep herself clean...and she didn't even win Idol... and she made millions last year. I imagine it was her adorable personality and her ability to poke fun at herself (and her new boobs). LOL Go Kelly!

Which brings me to my second point... Adam will be fine! His career is in the bag, he's got it all wrapped up, baby. That boy will go somewhere, and we'll all be here to watch. Kris, on the other hand, I am hoping will do so well and I'll be there to buy that first CD. :)

In short (or long), I want an American Idol who's a brand new kid to a stage. I guess that's what I'm saying. :) Good luck to the both of them... I wish them all the best!

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pam ferrari said...

I agree!!!! Well said.