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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jack-Jack's first vet appointment.

My Jack-Jack looks like he's wearing a tuxedo for some reason. LOL I don't know why, it just does. lol Emily took this (who's working on a website! shh!!) and so of course I had to post it. : )
Anyway, on Thursday Jeff and I took Jack-Jack to his first Vet appointment. He did quite well and now weighs a whopping 2.5 pounds! I know, you're shocked, I was too, because he's very small, but he's all muscle, baby! LOL He's a all or nothin' kinda boy. And I'm not kidding. He is either 150% GOING, GOING, GOING or 150% I-ain't-movin'-a-muscle-kinda-pup. It's the funniest thing. Also, his new favorite thing is to find birdy poo and roll in it. Nice. I know. It's really rather gross. So then you go to pick him and up and it's like, "OH MY WORD!! What have you been IN TO?" so you put him down very quickly and run for the hills. LOL I happened to find this out the hard way one evening when I gathered him up to give him a huge smooch and "uh!!! you stink!!!" came tumbling out really fast from my mouth. LOL Too funny! He immediately found himself being submerged in warm water and covered in puppy coconut and guava shampoo. LOL! He no likey that. Too bad! That's what ya get for playin' in poo. Ha!

Anyway, he weighs 2.5 pounds and is doing great. He's not quite big enough to get the rabies shot yet, so we'll hold off on that for another couple of months I guess. Turns out he had ear mites. My groomer, Cary, was the first one to really notice it. Right off the bat when we took him to get his grooming done, she said, "oh. he has ear mites." Then after a little research online I knew she was right. Anyway, they're gone now. He had a treatment in the office and we gave him one at home. Kills those little things fast. You get them from the mother's milk. Odd no? The vet said one ear was worse than the other but it wasn't too bad. Good thing. He hasn't been itching much so I'm relieved. : ) So, he's all fixed up and ready to roll in more poo. LOL
Yesterday I torched a lot of the custom beads. I have one set to complete (Suzanne's Custom bracelet with all the colorful pots!) and then I should be good to work on some new things. I so enjoyed torching. I'm in the middle of Outlander and OMG!! it is SO good. Thank you, thank you for all the recommendations on it, I love it! Long too! Can't wait to begin the next one, but I still have twenty hours to go with this one...yeah! I'm in the part where Claire just got married to Jamie (Fraser) ::giggles:: it's realllly good. I love the setting of time...what is it? early 1400's? I need to check, but I'm almost sure. Just a great book. Love all the history. It turns out that I adore historical fiction. : )

I asked my friend Missy if we could watch her puppy for the weekend. Wait till Emily sees Samson. OMG. She's gonna flip, or I think she will anyway. LOL He's a fun little dude. All black. He's a lab-weimaraner or whatever they're called, you know, the dogs who get dressed up on Sesame street? Only he's black. LOL Should be a fun weekend for all the dogs. I'm sure they'll all find lots of birdy poopy to stick their faces in. LOL!!! (you think I'm kidding? I so am not! it's an epidemic! birds poo. dogs find it. feel the need to roll in it. nas-tee!) Anyway, Missy's Samson is part lab and weimaraner so he's a real cutie.
Well, I gotta scram. I have a day to begin but first, I think I'll have a coffee and watch some news. Ya'll have a terrific day and what are your weekend plans? Anything?

Okay...originally I posted it with the actual clip here but it causes my blog to shut down (great.) so I'm just putting the actual clip link and you can watch it yourselves. Sorry about that. blogger is having some issues at the moment with outbound links. grrr!

Here's the doggie linky:

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