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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A long day finally over!

Phew. We're home. The girls did great at their recital, that was a lot of fun to watch, surprisingly enough. My girls have a lot of balance and rhythm, something their Mom does not have. LOL

Nathaniel came in third place for the county-wide Spelling Bee, losing with the word "unconscious", poor guy. However, my friend Suzan should be super proud because her boy, Eric won! :) He moves on to State now. We wish him lots of luck! :) Now... since she's a friend, I can kid her about their Asian heritage and how we ALL know they're wicked smart. :) *smirk* But, I have to say, Eric studied, Nathaniel did not, so it pays to put the nose to the grindstone. Good job Eric! :)

And to did good, dude. Super fantastico! We love ya (and your hair!).

Afterwards, my folks took us to Dairy Queen before they headed home. I'm sick. I should have just gotten a cone. Or a water. Or nothing at all. Meh! I am going on a diet, seriously. I mean it this time. What? Why are you looking at me that way? Don't you believe me? WELL SHUT UP THEN! (lol) Anyway, we had a fun time. :)

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