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Friday, May 29, 2009

Next-to-last-Friday before SUMMER!

Hi! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I am SO excited for this Friday because do you know what this Friday is? No? Well, I'll tell you! This is the next-to-last Friday before we have Summer break! I am thrilled for my kids, and me too because I am happy to not be rushed in the morning. I won't be listening to my usually-calm husband yell at the kids to brush their teeth, I won't hear him announce very loudly (I might add) to "HURRY, HURRY! We have to go!!" when we still have ten minutes to spare. ::sigh:: Poor guy. He just can't handle the slow-morning-shuffle. Which, truthfully makes NO sense since my husband is King of the "slow-morning-shuffle" but you didn't hear me say that, right? :) lol So yeah, we're kinda jived right now bein' Friday and all and no real plans for the weekend. Sa-weeeet!

Well, I better dash. I have stuff to do. Oh, and those of you still waiting for packages, there aren't many of you now, I think six, but don't worry, every one's boxes are arriving albeit slowly... I'm sorry about that! They're coming, they're coming!

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