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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Splash Lampwork Bracelet from byLGD

A special for today. I originally planned to price this higher (ask my Mom!) but decided to make it a "Splash of a deal" at $99.99, it comes with earrings too. Check it out by clicking here.
As I mentioned before, it's going to be a busy afternoon for me, so if you're trying to get a hold of me, don't worry, I'm not here. lol I'll be back this evening. Oh, I also forgot that I have a Girl Scout meeting tonight at 7p. Gaw! I love Girl Scouts, but boy this is a busy day! lol
Back to the bracelet... if you love it, grab it because I won't be able to make anymore right now. I'll take orders until Friday and then order all the flowers and "bloom" charms and next week I'll finish up the rest of the orders for this. It will be delivered by June 12th, 2009, just in time for for a vacation, maybe? : )

PS: If you are still having trouble viewing my blog, I suggest using Mozilla Firefox. : ) Wouldn't you know, I switch to blogger and now the entire blogger family is having issues with outbound links and such. Nice. Ugh! Also, you can try hitting your CTRL + ALT button and then the Refresh button at the same time, that usually helps it for me. :)

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