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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

So, how is everyone on this bright and rainy day (here in Kentucky)? It's the strangest weather, weather I don't mind but definitely strange. The sun is super bright (which is why I'm wearing my new bumble-bee yellow Chico's top) and yet it's sprinkling. Cray-zee, I tell ya, just crayzee. lol I certainly don't mind since it's better than dreary weather so I'm enjoying it.

We're getting ready to head for lunch but will be back later. It's a busy day here. I have a special to put up (one today) and as soon as the kids come home we're off and running. The girls have their dance rehearsal tonight at 5:15p and Nathaniel has a baseball game at 5:30p, thankfully the field and the practice hall for the girls is relatively close, just a few football fields distance from one another, so that's good. However, I still need to find a black tank for each older girl and a pair of white leggings for the youngest girl and shoes for all the wait, I take that back. I need to find shoes for the youngest girl! Super! The older girls are supposed to wear tennis shoes. Yeah! Oh thank the Lord, I only have one pair to find. Yippee! I might even be able to find them at Walmart, where I plan to find the tops and leggings. Wish me luck. So, as soon as they get home, we're off to Walmart. From our small town it's only about 25 minutes away, but it will still be rushed since I have to haul us back here by 5:15p and be fully ready to dance the night away. LOL

My folks are coming again (by the way, we had a great time yesterday) to see the girls performance and also Nathaniel's spelling bee (more on that later). That's all happening on Thursday. My Mother-in-law is off to Savana, Georgia with friends in her motor home and I'm jealous because it sure sounds like a good time. :) I hope they all have a safe and fantastic trip, I imagine they will, they like to laugh. :) Everyone is busy and it's a fun time of year, looking forward to Summer, all the festivities, excellent stuff, excellent stuff. :)

I gotta dash. My prince charming is waiting on me. :)

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