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Sunday, May 3, 2009

We did try!

Is tomorrow Monday? Really? You're not joking, right? Boo. I was really hoping for one more day of not-doing-much. Maybe that will be this weekend? Wish me luck on that score. LOL

Okay. I need help (or Bella needs help). We're trying to potty train her and it's um? Not going so well. This morning while getting ready for church, Jeff stepped in some poo in our closet and didn't know it. (somewhat funny, I know) Anyway, I was fully ready and he was still in boxers and a dress shirt... I look down and see the obvious brownish smear on his heel. I say, "um, I think you have some poo on your heel." (he was so NOT happy about this as we were already in a complete hurry to get out the door) So he goes to wash it off and then I proceed to pick it up and clean the carpet. All's well, no stain but it got me to thinking that Ms.Bella ain't so great at the potty-training thing just yet. It's on my to-do list this week.

We've been going to a church in Lexington off and on for a few years now. It's a great church, very over-sized, makes you think of a MacDonald's super-sized meal, if you ask me. All the french fries sticking out all over the place, trying to get seated properly and everyone being smooshed. lol Anyway, it's a great church but like I said it's HUGE and it's in Lexington. Nothing wrong with Lexington, don't get me wrong but it's not Versailles. We love Versailles.Plus, we'd like to get our kids involved in a church that's here in town so they can be near their friends for youth group outings etc. So, for the last couple of months we've been toying with the idea of finding a church with a good youth group for the kids. Turns out that the Presbyterian church is not only three blocks away (shocker!), but it starts at 11a and it's seemingly perfect for our family to find involvement. Their youth group is a nice size and they have a lot of things going on, we also know several families who already attend there.

This morning was going to be our first visit. Until we "attempted" to make a great first impression by trying to get our kids completely ready in under an hour. What? Are you kidding? Seriously? YOU are trying to get SIX people completely showered, hair dried, fed and dressed (with shoes on) in under an hour? That's not possible.

I know.

Jeff just didn't know that it wasn't possible. Poor guy. He's been trying to get us to try this new church ever since he met with the Pastor a couple of weeks ago. It's not for lack of trying, bless his good-natured heart, but we just aren't capable of getting that many people ready that quickly. So, note to self:
  1. have children bathed and clothing set out the night before
  2. set shoes out
  3. get cereal ready... something quick, easy and everyone can prepare themselves
  4. set shoes out
  5. get hair bows ready
  6. set shoes out

There. that should do it. Notice we are poor with finding shoes. We have plenty of shoes but we have plenty of children too and they have a very difficult time in FINDING their own shoes. It's so upsetting. This morning was sheer chaos in the shoe department. It went something like this..

Any child: "Mom! I'm ready!"

Mom: "Really? terrific!" (looks at child, sees child has no shoes)

Mom: "Where are your shoes?"

Any child: "I don't know. Do you know? I'll look for them?"

Mom: "That would be a good idea, yes, YOU look for them!"

Any child (after no real obvious looking) "I cannot find them!"

Mom: "Now listen here... I do NOT wear YOUR shoes so YOU should be able to find YOUR OWN SHOES!"

Any child: "maybe they're out by the trampoline?"


Any child: "oh i don't think they are, i was just saying that" (scared due to my decibel level)

(constant searching... Mom finds on landing (entryway) ... and one in the back hallway underneath a jacket that should have been on a hook but wasn't)

So, we at 11:07a loaded into our vehicle and headed out the door, everyone stressed, a few tears and Jeff in a slight frenzy. We drove around the block and came back home. We were sad. We did try. We'll try again in two weeks (next week we'll be with our Mom's in Ohio). I have high hopes for our next attempt...I'll keep you posted. :)



Melissa Bane Sevier said...

Laurie--love the post! Jeff sent me the link. BTW, it would have been fine if you had walked in at 11:10 or whenever...we are a very laid back church. I look forward to meeting all of you soon! Melissa Sevier

Anonymous said...

LOL! Melissa sent this link to me. I remember those early days with our daughter. She is now sixteen year old. It took me 3 hours one time to get the two of us out of the house; and I was in tears all the way. I showed up late but I made it. I can not imagine trying to get six people somewhere on time!
Anyway, blessings on your next attempt.
Wanda B. Olive
Versailles Presbyterian
Seminary Associate