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Friday, June 12, 2009

Camp was GREAT. My eyes are NOT.

Wow. What a week. I did a lot of work. My kids did a lot of playing. What could be better? :) They've really enjoyed themselves and I'm thrilled!

Nathaniel returned from Conservation Camp safe and sound, partly covered in poison ivy, sleep-deprived, running on adrenaline, proud of his awards, passing his hunting test and ready to get right back on the bus to return to camp. :) He'll just have to wait one. more. year. :) Plus, his sister will be going with him. lol Jeff and I were really proud of his achievements! (I'll post pictures soon!) He said that CAMP WAS GREAT!!

Earlier today I had an eye exam, long-awaited I might add. For at least two years, Moon has been saying I should have her sister The Ophthalmologist look at my eyes. Yeah. I continued to put it off... until last week when I had some vision issues that caused me to really worry. I was doing my basic work and things were just so blurry, that I had to quit what I was doing. Then we went out to a restaurant and I had difficulty reading the menu, everything was distorted and that's when I had that internal "OMG!!" moment. You know, where you're screaming on the inside, completely freaking out but silent on the outside? Yeah. It was like that. Just. So, I made my appointment with Dr. Ko and was really looking forward to finding out if the Kroger 3.99 "readers" were enough to get me by.


During my exam, Dr. Ko actually said, "you're not legal to drive", "you'd never pass the driver's exam." (WHAT!!!?) A lot was said and I have to admit, I probably knew this. Moon said that's why I drive so slowly and why I won't drive at night, during rain or any other time except if the sun is shining (this is actually true). So... I don't have the best eyesight. I have an astigmatism and poor vision in my right eye, but my left isn't as bad. Put it this way, you know the chart the doctor puts up for you to read for a "basic" exam? Yeah. Uh, I couldn't read that first line. Not a letter. However, by the end of the exam, I could easily see the H. A. Q. D. (or whatever the first letters were... lol...I could see them!) It was like a switch had been turned on, it was crazy! All this time I thought I could see just fine, but she said I should have been in glasses "lonnngg ago." (ARGH!!!!)

After the exam came the fun part: deciding on which glasses I was going to purchase among the nearly millions available to me from that long wall of choices. I immediately found the pink glasses that were oh-so-perfectly-Laurie-sassy, but the Optician said I couldn't have that kind because my lenses were too thick to use in those frames. (WHAT!!!? TOO THICK? You're joking, right? He was so NOT joking.) So, no no on the pink ones. (Poo.) After asking the advice of Dr. Ko and some woman waiting to be seen who felt it necessary to give her two cents (she was actually quite helpful), I ended up with a LaCoste pair of chic frames. :) You can see them, above. :) After trying on more than four dozen frames, I finally settled on these after the unanimous reactions from everyone around. :) lol I'll post a photo soon. They don't arrive until Tuesday. I guess I won't be driving until then? Ha.
Well, I need to go. I still have a few things I want to finish tonight before I call it quits for the day. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I knew I needed glasses in high school. But somewhere in the midst of college, I stopped wearing them. I must have recovered from my optical ailments! Well, when I started working, I realized I couldn't see the eye chart either in my office and I wasn't driving at night because I couldn't read signs. So at the optometrist, I was also told I'd fail the driving test. In addition, he said that eye exams are the first place lawyers look in car accidents! Anywho, I have a cute pair that look like Tina Fey's and all is well. Tess