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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Conservation Camp in Kentucky--here we come!

And the countdown begins................... in just a few short hours my son will be heading off to his first week (alone) at Summer camp. I am really excited for him! I remember my years at Big Prairie camp (now called Heartland) and White Water Bible Camp (with my childhood BFF, Carie), and now my boy is heading off to his own week of thrills in the outdoors. He's heading to Conservation Camp with a group of his good buddies. :) I sure hope he enjoys himself. We'll miss him definitely, but that's okay...he'll have memories that will last forever. Tonight, while getting him ready for camp, I did the somewhat enjoyable task of putting iron-on labels in all of his clothing. :) I remember my friend Carie's Mom doing this to her clothing and thinking it was the coolest thing EV-VER. So, a few years ago I got a spool of iron-on labels that read, "N. Eller" with our phone number on them, thinking they'd be good for any of our kids since we so thoughtfully gave them all an "N" name. :) Little did we know at the time of their birth that it would be a perfect way to save money in the iron-on label department when it came time for Summer Camp some ten-plus years later. Ha! We were thinking ahead! (you can click below to see his camp video promo)

The girls are with my folks and of course having a wonderful time, I'm sure. My Mom said she has something fun planned for each day, so she said she'd take photos so I could post them here. One of the nights, she's going to have them make the food and she and Dad will "order" from their restaurant. :) What a hoot! See? That's what I mean about my Mom being the "event coordinator". I know they'll love cooking burgers and taking down orders. What fun! Oh, they're going to make menu's too. :) hee hee...

So? What are my plans? Well, I have a mixed bag of goodies I think. lol I'm going to finish up the custom orders...some of them I'm waiting on silver to arrive (Wednesday) and then others are waiting on charms (Wednesday or Thursday), other than that I'll be making some things for the Summer Splash Sale. I have a website that I'm finishing the Gallery on so I'll be doing that too (probably in my evenings). We're thinking of tackling our entryway steps (that lead to the upstairs of our house). I'm thinking of doing before's and after's. :) I'd love to completely rip them out and do something expensive but I can't afford that. If we take redo the steps, we need to redo the banisters, if we redo the banisters we need to fix the floor in the entryway and then that leads to the steps that lead downstairs and then.... and then... well, you get the idea. So, we're going to do a "quick-fix" for now since A: it's cheaper and B: because I don't have enough time to do anything else right now. lol

Ok, I gotta scram. It's getting late and I'm determined NOT to be up until 2a tonight. :)


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