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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just ramblin'

Tonight we watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I have to admit, I didn't want to see this movie in the theaters. It looked sad and I'm not a fan of sad movies. After watching The Notebook, a sad-ish movie, I vowed not to see any more tear-jerkers. lol But, after reading a review on Brad Pitt's latest block-buster, I thought it was necessary to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. It was endearing, and probably a movie I'll purchase (I haven't purchased any DVD's since buying, Twilight (!!!) so it's been a little while).

Most of you know that I am a huge audio book fan, reading all my books through my ears. :) It's just such a great way to experience a novel and although you skeptics think it's not "really reading", I'd like you to try it since you truly have to concentrate on each. and. every. word. so. as. not. to. be. distracted. :) Anyway, most of the books I adore are Historical Fiction, and that's what some of Benjamin Button was, historical fiction. Loved the mix. :) The Notebook was like that too, so I guess I should be a little more positive about sad movies? Ok. Ok. I'll think about it.

Onto another topic.

I took some photos this afternoon of Jack-Jack and Sallie. A cookie Mom dropped by to pick up her things and when I was going through the various troop numbers tagged onto white kitchen trash bags filled with Girl Scout prizes, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Sallie and Jack-Jack lying together in the sunshine. It was adorable. I kept thinking that I needed to hurry and find this particular troop so I could grab my camera and snap some photos of the two sunbathers. :) Aren't they cute?

There's more to tell but I have to go to bed. It's going on 2a now. Yikes. Almighty Batman!

1 comment:

diane said...

jack jack is soooo adorable !!!!! he is one sweet pea !!!!