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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Edward's Lullaby Bracelet - Twilight

Some time ago, I had a customer ask me about an "Edward" bracelet for Twilight fans. It has been on my creative back-burner ever since but recently I've been able to pull the components together, making what I feel, is the finest representation of our Edward.

If you have read the books, none of this will be of a surprise, but I think you'll be pleased.
I chose various colors of crystals... to match his ever-changing eye color (from black to golden brown), the AB crystal rounds are added to the charm mix for his "diamond" brilliance that shines in the sunlight (I didn't forget!), a Swarovski crystal red heart (at the toggle)... please don't ask me to remove it simply because it's red... that would just be wrong, every Twilight bracelet has to have some amount of red, even if it is just one crystal. I love these Moon beads... they're stunning, a perfect size even for the smallest of wrists.

The baby grand piano charm... the finest choice. It reminds me of all his sleepless nights learning the compositions of Debussy. At the front of the bracelet, there's an "E" initial.

Everything I used on the Edward bracelet can be duplicated many times over, but I will not have it at this price for long. It's difficult to make, as you can see it's a "fringe" style bracelet and hours of work go into it. I hope you love it as much as I do. In person, as many of my bracelets are, it's much more beautiful.

Oh, one more thing... there's a charm missing. When you get it, you'll have a small surprise. I love the words. I hope you do too.


Ex Starians said...

Very nice blog, I love it..

Silver Parrot said...

That bracelet is beautiful! I love the lampwork.