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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Moon Ko is the best! {of course!}

Today was our photo shoot with Moon. We were a little worried last night about the weather and the possibility of rain, but it turned out to be a perfect day albeit a little muggy. If you live around here and hang out with me enough, you know that I sweat profusely in the Summer, heck, I sweat any time of the year. It's ridiculous. So, it was a real feat to stay non-drippy and fresh looking in the muggy and sunny weather.

We had our shoot at the Lexington Cemetery and although you might think it's a strange place for photos, it's just beautiful there, so quiet and calming. I really enjoyed it and think that we'll return for a picnic soon. They have a beautiful pond (two actually) with baby ducks and geese all over the place, just waiting for you to bring bread for them to eat (even straight from your hand). Moon brought some for us to throw into the pond so she could get photos of us. :) I hope they turn out. I'm always worried about my "size" compared to my small children, so if they don't make the cut, you'll know why. LOL

In between shoot locations (Moon had us in five or six spots at the cemetery), I would fix my face and make sure Jeff wasn't covered in sweat. :) lol We'd crank up the a/c and chill down a bit before heading back out into the sun for more pictures. It was fun!

Our time was really wonderful and I'm more (!!!!) than excited to see them. Thankfully I got to take a peek at some on her camera and OMG! They're outstanding, of course I didn't think they'd be any less.

It's been three years (I think) since our family did a shoot with Moon and in between that time we've not had any photos taken. Isn't that criminal? I know. Shut up. Time flies. However, I'm not going to let three years pass. I think I'm going to sign up for a photo shoot in October when it's chilly and we can wear sweaters and I won't fear of dripping with sweat. The plus is it gives me some time to lose the weight that I took off from my last diet with Weight Watchers. Ugh. That's the worst. Putting back ON all the weight you LOST once (or twice, or six or seven times even!) and here I am at square one again. Darn it! It's the worst feeling.

I'm just glad I have a good friend who takes photos and is amazing!! I cannot wait to show you! :)

Well, I'm getting ready to head to work. I'm torching today. It's VERY humid and icky outside but I need to do some bead work and although I'm not going to do any building work, making beads will be fine on my eyes. :) I'm looking forward to it! I've missed Jamie and Claire.

Have a great Sunday! Talk to you later (more waves coming, btw).

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