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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More photos.

I love this tree. Getting up IN the tree? That's another story entirely. It took a lot of hoisting and shoving. LOL Nah! I climbed up all by ME-self!! :)

Isn't this fantastic? I can't wait to put this on my wall.

Sweet Sisters.
L to R: Nadine (almost 6). Nicole (almost 8). Natalie (9.5).

Me and my hunny.
You know, in all these years of being married (15!), I've never had a really good photo
of the two of us. That is until now. :)
I said I wasn't going to post any more photos from the photo shoot, but I lied. :) *smirks* I can't help myself.
PS: I just found out that my glasses won't be ready until FRIDAY. ::sigh::
One of the lenses was not in stock,
so boo. I was excited about working without headaches.


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely family--great pictures!

JoeyandChase said...

Great pics! They are so clear and crisp! Very nice!!