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Thursday, June 4, 2009

...running behind

Hi. :)

I'm running behind. Nearly finished with my teacher gifts and now I need to do some laundry since all of my kids are leaving me for the week. :) (add in secret claps here, hee hee) So, I'm again wearing MANY hats!

All of you who ordered the Raspberry Sorbet, they've all shipped. :) FYI on that.

All of you who ordered the Summer Splash bracelet, I've finished the majority of the beads but will finish the rest on Monday. They are all going to ship on Tuesday. :)

If you add to your order and wish to hold them, let me know, otherwise they're all out the door next week. Thank you to those who let me fill up the box because it saves me on shipping. :) (more clapping here)

As for the things I'm putting up... it will be tomorrow, most definitely. Yesterday I went to lunch with my friends and well, my stomach has really been thrown for a loop. Whatever I ate did not set well with me and ... well ... it just ain't good folks. lol Isn't that the worst? I guess I have one of those stomachs where so much bothers me, no wonder I am a creature of habit. Several friends, and you know who you are, give me trouble for ordering the same thing all the time. I do have my faves when I go to certain restaurants. :) Doesn't everyone? I don't need to read the menu, however I do like to hear the specials even if I have NO intentions of ordering them. Why? Because of yesterday! Yesterday I go out on a limb and don't order the soup and half-sandwich but instead I order the special. It had artichoke hearts in it... this, for me, is a HUGE stepping-out-of-my-box in the foods department. Seriously. I don't think I've ever eaten an artichoke, let alone its heart. ::laughs:: I'm just not frisky like that. Nothing about me is daring when it comes to foods. My favorites are simple and the list is short. lol My favorite place to eat is Panera. I get the same thing every time and even at Panera I change up the item by having the chipolte mayo removed to excuse my body from the unwanted extra fat grams. :) See? I'm good like that! Just don't ask me how many sugar packets I add to my coffee. ::grins:: Anyway, I doubt I'm the only one on the planet who chooses to enjoy their lunches without the fear of getting some unknown food that might or might not make them throw up or worse yet, spend their evening on the toilet. (tmi? oops.)

Okay, what was meant to be a relatively short post has turned into a complete rambling mess. Sorry 'bout that.

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