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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stuff and Nothin'


How are you on this bright and sunny day? :) I'm beginning my day, already showered and dressed and getting ready to head down the hall. I'm debating about going to MacDonald's to get an Egg McMuffin since they only have five points. :) (yes yes. I'm counting points AGAIN. shut. up.)

Jeff took the kids late last night and drove to his Mother's house. :) My house is quiet once again but it's a little more quiet than it was when my Mom took them. I'm the ONLY one here other than the animals, who seem to notice the current unbalanced atmosphere. lol Jack-Jack hasn't left my side since they left. His playmates are gone! Vanished! :) They'll return soon but before they do, they'll head to the backyard pool, King's Island and possibly see the cousins while there. They'll have a great time!

My Mom arrives tomorrow to help me with my Scentsy party. She's making the food. Food? ::pitty pat:: I'm going to have a point-shortage I'm sure. lol

Okay I need to scram. :) I added some new songs to my Mixpod. Many are from movie soundtracks. If any of them are strange, let me know, because sometimes the song you pick is NOT the song you think it is. lol (I found that out once with a certain Pink song...the artist, not the color)

Have a great day! Oh, there will be more bracelets similar to "Beauty in the Mist". Thank you, thank you for all the wonderful compliments! :)

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