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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yay for Monday!

The weekends go by so quickly, but when it's Summer even Monday's aren't so bad, no? :) My kids are still sleeping but I've been up for about an hour, figuring my schedule and seeing when I'll get the new things listed (which will be today). I have a few things to finish before then, a couple custom orders, and then I'll give a head's up via a blog post for you on the new things. Don't worry.

So, what did we do this weekend? A lot of nothing really, but that's okay, I enjoyed it. The kids have been playing with their friends and I was playing a game my Mother-in-law taught me on Facebook, Farm Town. Oh my word. I cannot tell you how addicting this game of farming can be. I've learned to plant my crops and *wait* for them to grow, then I have to hire someone to harvest them for me and after that I get *paid*. lol It's just crazy but I've learned that there area lot of YOU out there who play as some of you are my neighbors in Farm Town. lol! Cracks me up!! I planted something (cannot remember what) that takes three days to harvest. It seemed like the best choice since I am going to be busy this week. This way I don't have to be checking my crop every day. Right now I have roughly 50,000 dollars in my Farm Town bank account. It took me three days to accumulate this much cash, wouldn't it be nice if real life were that easy in making a buck? lol I sure do. If you want to play, you'll need to sign up for Facebook, which by the way, is awesome. I love keeping up with everyone. After that, you can send me a friend request and I'll approve it, then you can be my neighbor! :)
Right now I'm sitting on the front porch waiting for Jack-Jack to do his business. lol He's more interested in pouncing on the cat and the cat seems to enjoy it. Crazy animals. You should see them carry on. We've taken videos so I'll have to post them because considering how small Jack-Jack is, you wouldn't believe how terrorizing he can be to animals twice and five times his size. lol It's a hoot!

Well, I really need to scat. Bracelet sets coming, with *elbow beads* and boro focals. I hope you love them. I have eight made and they're all different. The kids want a pool pass and I said it depends on how much I sell today. :) So, I'll keep you posted.

You all have a great day and I'll talk to you later!

ps: we still have my Mom's potato salad here (she made a lot of it!) and the other day Nathaniel asks if he can try it. "Sure" I say. Well, guess who's really lovin' the potato salad now? lol I'm so glad. He said he'd never have tried it if he hadn't seen me eating it all the time, that I don't eat bad food. Ha! I told him that Grandma doesn't make bad food. End of story. I'll post the recipes next week... or this week if I get my crops planted and I have some extra time! lol!!!

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