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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yay for the weekend!

Hello!!!!!!!!! How have you been? We've been crazy-busy here. I've really enjoyed this week. In the beginning of the week, Monday and Tuesday, I had some time all to myself... no kids... no hubby... nothin'. :) It was lovely! On Wednesday my Mom came to help me with my Scentsy party, and while I cleaned, she cooked. I'll post pictures. (It takes time to edit I can't do it just now). So now my main level is clean and I'm thrilled. :) I won't have to clean it again for a while. lol

The Scentsy party was a success. I hope everyone loves their candle warmers. I do. :) They're so wonderful!! All of you who purchased, let me know the minute you get them! And, if you want to do a Book Party, just get in contact with Suzan, she'll be glad to help.

We had a great time smelling all the scents. It was a hoot!! :)

Well, I better scram. I'm working today and am looking forward to it. My silver order arrived and today my crystal order will arrive. For those of you who asked, yes, I order about once a month, sometimes twice, but it depends on what I have in stock. I typically do not keep a ton of crystal in stock because I get fickle on sizes. Once I have an idea in my mind, I look to see if it will work out with what I already have and if not, I just order it all. So, today will be nice when all the crystal comes. I sort it.

Speaking of sorting. My beady friend Candy sent me those trays from walmart! They are SO fantastic. They're sturdy like my larger trays, just smaller with three compartments instead of four. I love them. I use them for all the colors that I don't use as much. (clear crystal, etc) Thank you Candy!

Well, I really need to go now. I want to start my day! (people are sleeping so I might get some work done before they get up)

Talk to you soon! more things coming in the shoppe... soon! let me catch my breath and then I'll get them all up.

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