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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another lazy Summer day...

The kids were all going to sleep outside in a tent last night. It last all of five minutes for Natalie and Nicole, Deanie had already fallen asleep but when we got up this morning she was sound asleep in her own bed. lol I am guessing that sometime in the middle of the night she decided she'd had enough for "tent living" and wanted the comforts of her own room and bed. I don't blame her. Like I said, I'm not a camping girl. lol I'm also guessing that my girls aren't either. ha.

I awoke to a fright this morning, frantically looking for Claire in our bed. I pounded on Jeff and moved his legs and couldn't find her. And then he says to me, "Claire is in her own crate". Ugh!!! She never sleeps outside of her crate, but memories of past wrongs still haunt me. ::sigh:: So, when I looked into her tiny crate, there she was, sound asleep in a tiny ball. Phew. Relief swept over me. :) Jack-Jack was in his crate, looking at me, thinking I was nuts I'm sure. lol

Today, the kids are headed to the pool with Daddy. :) I hope they have fun! Maybe I'll get to go with them later this afternoon, time-permitting. I might just need to cut my day early. :)

Okay, I'm working on the next wave, and I'm trying to make this a nicely-sized wave. lol Can you believe that the Summer is dwindling down? Crazy. June is completely over and July is in full swing! School begins in August so I'm dreading the thought of these lazy-morning-days being over but I do enjoy the school year. My work-days are MUCH longer and MUCH quieter. :) Just sayin'.

Take care and I'll be in touch!

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