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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Splitting beads! Bad bad!

After a fully day of torching and waiting patiently for all the beads to come to a FULL cool-down, I open the door to find my beautiful, lovely, fantastically shaped beads. However, six of them had some issues, all the same bead "recipe" and I'm not sure what went wrong, really. I used CIM as a base, then rolled in silver foil, then some frit and lastly I used Moretti Super Clear to encase them... so I'm guessing it was either the CIM or the Super Clear. ::sigh:: Tomorrow I'll have to torch them again... darn it! And!!! The worst part is that these beads were gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Poo.

All the other beads were lov-ver-ly. :) I had to make bead sets of Spend My Lifetime, Magic Carpet, Trouble, Delight, two sets of Summer Splash, and my most popular set, Summer Goodness. I still have a few more sets to complete but I tried to get most of the "encased" beads done tonight in case I ran into any trouble... good thing I did!! huh!? Also, these are more difficult and more time-consuming to make so I figured I'd get the harder ones out of the way. I love encasing beads. :) My favorite glass to use for this is Lauscha clear but I had some thicker rods of Moretti Super Clear and wanted to use it. I'm wondering if that's the issue and I'm really thinking that it is, since I've never had issues with Lauscha. Poo!!!

Okay, I better go to bed. All in all, it turned out to be a nice day despite being in my room all day.

I'll catch ya tomorrow. Sorry about no specials up yet, these orders need to come first and then I need to finish my Harry Potter bracelets! Yay!! I can't wait!! They're gonna be so cool! I'm using some fun charms. :) More soon! Can you believe that HP6 is NEXT WEEK!!!!!???? OMG. I am so flippin' out people!! I cannot believe it. Pinch me. Seriously. Pinch me!

Toodle Poodles.

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