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Friday, July 24, 2009

Can we reach Sixty by Sunday?

Hello Folks!

In the last month, my followers have grown (yay! followers!! ::claps all around:: ::pounds to chest::) and I wanted to do a reward! So, I got to thinking, what about trying to get to Sixty followers by Sunday? That's two days time, can we do it? If so, someone will win a beautiful pair of earrings. :) Spread the word by telling your friends.

They'll be my favorite beads--boro's, so if you're not a follower, hurry up! :) The race is on!I'm also going to have specials just for the byLGD Cuties, that will begin after my Summer Splash is over. So sign up now!

If you're unsure of how to be a follower, just click the "follow" box right underneath my photo (on the right). It's super easy and free (duh!). So get on board!

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