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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cave Joys...or not.

Um? I gotta say I'm just not a Cave Girl of any sort. I found it to be rather confined (duh!), chilly (55 degrees), wet (drippy), dark (seriously) and tiring (hello!!?).

Laurie no likey the Mammoth Cave thing.

Sorry to all you nature-lovers, but as much as I love a good sniff of the out doors and seein' all God's amazing glory, I am not into being in tight, dark, damp spaces. No sir. For all I knew, it could have been mounds of concrete down in that hole, seriously folks. lol

However, my kids? Yeah. they LOVED it!! and want to go BACK!! (what?! no way. their Dad can take them! Laurie ain't goin' back!)

I'll have some photos for ya in a few days.

Tomorrow we're headed to Cincinnati for the day. I have mounds of custom orders to finish this week so be on the look-out for boxes. :) Yay!!

AND! All of you who ordered Scentsy Candles, please let me know how you like them! :) I'm anxious to hear!

Have a great day and hope your 4th was most excellent. Our's was! (even if I didn't have a good time cave-dwelling)

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