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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Goodwill Adventures

(Claire Bear. Photo by Emily Marie Photography.)

Hello! Happy Fourth of July!


WHERE has this year gone? Do you realize we're more than half-way through? How could that be? Shocking stuff. Just shocking. (but in a good way)

I feel as if I've been in a hole all week, my studio room and I have been spending a lot of time together, I've enjoyed it. My friends? Not so much. A few feel neglected. ::sigh:: The thing is, I am very blessed to do what I do. The emails that pour in, telling me how they adore their ordered piece, that they get compliments EVERY time they wear it, and how they're addicted to my jewelry (squeal!). It really makes my day! Thank you, thank you! I am grateful for the opportunity.

Aside from a bad customer experience (someone who thought I could produce a modern-day miracle and deliver a custom-made piece in less than five days WITH a holiday no-mail delivery--the crazies are comin' out of the woodwork lately), my week was excellent! :) You wanna hear about the fun part of my week? Ok. Sure! I'll tell you!

When I went to lunch with Moon, which normally we go to our usual watering holes (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Tuesday Morning--where she begins to salivate over chipboard pieces, new paper fashions and don't even get me started on her crazy-wild obsession with punchies! lol!), I made an inquiry about Goodwill (since, after all, it was across from Hobby Lobby). She's not a Goodwill shopper and to be completely truthful, neither am I. I've been in a Goodwill once and that seemed to be enough for me.

Now wait.

Don't get yourself all in a huffy because I'm not a fan of Goodwill. Don't even go there!
Here's what I'm saying...

I don't care to buy clothes that have been used when I can find similar "unused" clothing on clearance racks in department stores, that's all I'm saying. Plus, they don't have clothing in my size usually (no, you cannot know my size. hush your mouth.) or, clothing in my size that's to MY liking. How's that? Better? I thought so. (I have three pairs of Chico's jeans that I snagged on clearance for $11.27 a pair and they were originally 88 bucks each! So take that to Goodwill, will ya!) You just have to know when and where to shop, that's all I'm saying.


Most recently I've become a big ol' fan of her and if she can find the Goodness of Goodwill, then so can I!! (what?!! wait.?? did I just say that? yes. yes! i think i just did!)

So, we went in, both expecting to find nothing, nadda, zippo, zilch.

We ended up walking out with stuff. (me with more stuff, of course, but Moon almost bought a few pairs of shoes. I kid. I kid! It was just one pair of shoes. Okay, okay! I kid! You got me. They were salt-shakers! She bought a set of Salt shakers! Ugh!) I, on the other hand, found a ceramic set of unused (!!!) candle sticks for $3.50 a PAIR!, another set of candle sticks for $1.50 (which just need to be spray painted black and they're good to go!), and some sort of thing to hang on the wall that I thought was rather cute (pictures to come) that was $2.50.

Listen, a little spray paint goes a long way and lately I've been lurving me some spray paint. It buggers my fingers something awful though, so you gotta go easy on the spray painting unless you have a spray-painting hand gun (which, you might have guessed, I do!). I have to tell you that even though I didn't care to look through all most of that stuff, it was a lot of fun to snag some great deals.

Next, we're going Garage-Sale Shopping! (maybe?) Don't you judge me! You never know what you might find! I might just find that ceramic monkey that would look PERFECT on my front porch! You never know! (har. har.)

So, it got me thinking (this whole, finding-useful-preowned-items-that-can-be-salvaged thing), that I could start a blog about my finds and what I do with them. So that's what I's a gonna do!
If millions of blogger-girls can do it, out there in blog-land, then I can too! Cuz people, I'm a follower! lol!!

I haven't decided if I'll be able to drag bring Moon along with me on my let's-stop-by-the-road-and-see-all-the-junk-these-people-have-to-offer thing, but she might be willing to do a bit of Goodwilling. You never know!

You all have a great Fourth! Be safe! Don't poke yourself with any sparklers! Remember to stand back when you set off fireworks!

We're headed to Mammoth Cave! More on this later!

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I am a paper crafter but I stumbled on your blog. I follow it to see your puppy. What a cute little face I found in my dashboard this morning. Happy 4th.