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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crushed Melons from byLGD

I think the photo is too big for my blog, sorry about that.
Anyway, this is a retired piece that I have been asked to bring back, so here it is. It's a similar version to Summer Goodness, only more black and olive green for those of you who're not PINK PEOPLE. (what??? couldn't be!) lol

Anyway, click HERE to view more photos and to order.

Have a great day!


The Creative Place said...

Hello! I just found your blog via Leelou - your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Silver Parrot said...

Beautiful bracelet! I think I know the lampworker who makes those beads!

Laurie said...

Silver Parrot... :) I am the one who makes these beads as I make all my watermelon beads and 90% of all the other beads on my site. :)The watermelon beads are a rather simple four-process bead but if you mess up along the way, you get to start over. lol Not fun. I enjoy making them though.