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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cumberland Falls Getaway

This photo was taken on a trip to Cumberland Falls in the Fall of 2007. It seems like a lifetime ago really because our kids have changed so much in these last two years. I can't believe it.

It's also where we're going tomorrow, just for the night. It's gorgeous there and the kids can romp in the water and be as carefree as they like. We'll camp out, grill burgers and hot dogs, have S'mores and pop popcorn over the fire. We'll sing songs that get stuck-in-your head and giggle about our uncombed hair, cuz isn't that what you do when you camp out? Even the dogs are going with us...yes, all three of them! Puppies too!

Nathaniel leaves for Missouri on Tuesday and he can't wait! While he's gone we'll celebrate Nadine's birthday party by having The Twisted Sifter come and teach ten little girls how to decorate cakes. Doesn't that sound fun!? I know! It SO does!

Jeff is looking for a cheap grill on Craig's list (good man!) and a tent at Dick's. We have a tent but I think we'll need two. He called and there's no fear of bears, so our original worry that a bear might come and "rip our faces" is no longer a concern. lol Jeff just informed me about Coyote's and Mountain Lions. Um? (Did you ever see The Parent Trap and they trick their soon-to-be-wicked-stepmother that she needed to smack two sticks together to keep them away? Love that movie! I went through a phase where I watched that movie over and over for months...years!) I digress. Anyhoo... we're searching for stuff right now so I need to scat.

I'm working today but tomorrow and Monday I will not be working. I'm looking forward to the much-needed break after my long week. I do plan on putting some things up today. I just need to edit photos and list them. :)

Oh, I wanted to tell you... remember when I mentioned the Cake Decorating class I was taking with some of my friends? Yeah. Well, it was not fun. The instructor was annoying, remember? So, we decided to teach ourselves by using an online course method, meeting at a friend's house and learning it together! Awesome, no!? I KNOW!! It sounds like fun!!! I can't wait!!! I need some fun right now and this is gonna be fun!

Have a great day! We have our windows open and it's nice and chilly inside, I love the fresh air!

1 comment:

Tess W. said...

Once again, we have another connection! I loved The Parent Trap. Still kept the VHS tape with my recent move (even though I'm not sure we'll hook up the VCR). Maureen O'hara, Hailey and Hailey Mills...Now I'm singing "Let's get together" in my head!