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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Four kids & a husband {with strep throat}.

My children are sick. And my husband. (which is FAR worse as he is a horrible sick person) Everyone came down with strep throat, something we've not had in forever, but I'm guessing Jeff got it first because he threw up on the way to his Mom's last weekend, and then all the girls followed suit. ::sigh:: We took Natalie and Nathaniel to the doctor's on Monday, they both had it, and the little girls were at camp. My big plans for getting things done fell to the wayside since I was tending to sick children. ::sigh:: Isn't it always the way? lol

I was planning to take a picture of all three of the girls and Jeff sacked out asleep in our bed, but Jeff was in boxers and didn't think THAT would be very appropriate so I decided no. lol It was a sad sight though, all of them completely out, with Charlie and Lola in the background, happily singing some merry tune and all my kids missing it. ::sigh:: (we're big fans of C and L)

Today should be better. They've been on antibiotics for half a day, so I'm hoping it will kick in here soon. Our doc said 24 hours of antibiotics and they should start to feeling better... wish me luck. I do not want it. Where's the lysol? I need to spay it again.

Everything from the wave sold, but orders can be taken. I won't be working the second week of August too much because the kids are all going back to school (12th) and the activities are crazy that week. However, the following week will be awesome since they will ALL be in school again. lol My work schedule can resume to it's normal pace, yay!

Thanks so much for all the lovely emails this week, they've really been wonderful.

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