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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My day...

Okay. So.

I'm tired. Really tired.

Turns out that I what everyone else has and I'm just miserable. My chest is tight. I hate that feeling and then when I go to cough, ohhhh the pain. (not good. not good at all.) My head is pounding. And don't get me started on how my body is aching. ::sigh::

Jeff spent about an hour cleaning the girls room (and the throw-up on the *white* carpet). He had lots of fun doing that (no seriously, he did. lol okay, maybe it wasn't that much fun... lol).

I took some antibiotics this afternoon and went school supply shopping. I know. You must think I'm nuts. Actually, when I drove into the WalMart parking lot, I began to get dizzy and just kept on going. Then I find out that the a/c isn't working in Wally's. What? What are they thinking? Ugh! I should have left but I was already in there and it seemed too far of a walk back to the car. Lazy. Anyway, I got everything but the tissues and can someone tell me why they need two boxes at the beginning of the school year? And why do they need ten glue sticks? Isn't that a bit much? And Clorox wipes? Why do they "get" to use Clorox wipes when the generics are good enough for me? Heck. I don't even buy them because the Clorox in a spray bottle at the Dollar Store is way cheaper and it works just fine. Whatever. I also don't like the fact that they say NOT to put your child's name on ANY of the items because they 'share' them. This is something I absolutely detest. Why is it MY responsibility to buy for the children who don't have parents who bring this stuff in? I would feel SO much better if I brought in my child's things and then the school ask for a donation for those children who may go without. I'm on a soapbox. I know. Enough.

Oh, just so you know... hand sanitizer is $2.67 at Walmart and it's a DOLLAR at the DOLLAR STORE and the amount is the SAME. Yeah. Just a bit of info for ya there. :) I ended up leaving exhausted and spending the rest of my day in bed. Ugh! I overdid it obviously, but since the next county over begins school on Tuesday, I didn't want to try and do this over the weekend. That didn't sound pleasant at all.

Right now he went downstairs to make me a lime-aid thing that he drinks a lot. It's like homemade lemonade only with limes. Pretty tasty indeed. I'm waiting for him to bring it to me...I'm in my water bed, typing this and watching some crazy show about mouthy teenagers who go to live with strict parents on CMT.

Tomorrow I'm going to finish some things and get them mailed off. Believe it or not, I made two bracelets today and finished two custom pieces... that's all I managed to do before I got light-headed and came to bed. I hope that by tomorrow afternoon I'll be back to my normal self.

Thank for all the wonderful emails. :) They made my day.

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