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Monday, July 27, 2009

Someone save me!

Does it ever go my way? You know what? It usually doesn't. lol I'm just sayin'. It rarely goes in the direction I want it to go, and by "it" I mean life in general. You think I'm kidding, I'm sure but here's how it's lookin'...

  • I still have loads of work to do and the days are clicking by right in front of me and it's still only Monday.
  • Jeff took the older two to the doctor's today to have Natalie looked at (she's sick) and Nathaniel's middle-school check-up. He brings them both back with strep throat. Nice. How did that happen? Natalie's just arrived and Nathaniel didn't get home until Saturday, so how did they find the time to both get strep? Very curious...
  • We found out the kids teachers today. All my girls have had the same first grade teacher and for some reason this year (!!!) Nadine will get the brand new teacher on the block, and by "new", I mean she graduated last year. ::sigh:: I'm sure she'll be a wonderful teacher, all giddy about her new job and everything, but I still would rather have the teacher that A: I know, and B: has had all her kinks worked out since she's been teaching forever.
  • Nicole has a new teacher too, which is fine, but only one of her friends is in the classroom and all the other kids are in another class, so she's going to shed tears over this... ::sigh:: there's nothing I can do at this point since they've been posted... however, the only silver lining (if you can call it that) is that Natalie did get the teacher I wanted her to have, except NONE of her friends are in the class with her. Not a one. She cried when I told her. Poor thing. I know just how she feels too, because that happened to me when I was in elementary school. Oh well. We'll move on and be fine...I hope. lol
  • Several packages have been returned due to being undelivered and two I forgot to print labels for and did not mail. The Summer has been difficult with juggling family and work. ::sigh:: The stress mounts.
  • My vendor for charms is out-of-stock on some of my favorite charms. Grrr.
  • People continue to email me about where I buy my findings and I've decided that it makes me annoyed so I'm not going to tell them anymore. If I can find them, they can too, it just takes hours of digging through sites and being diligent to write the site down when you find something you love...come back to it later, type thing. Oh, and I'm not talking about customers...nope, I'm talking about beaders who start emails with, "Laurie! I love your things, they're so beautiful. I can't buy any right now, but would you mind telling me where you get your crystals?" and then they never sign their name. What's with that? If you're willing to go out on a limb and ask me the question about where I buy things, can't you at least end it with your NAME? Ugh. Nice.

There's more stuff that I can complain about but that's enough for now. After all, isn't this supposed to be a chipper blog? lol Okay here's a few...

  • I was able to snag some awesome deals at The Children's Place for the kids so they would have some new things to go back to school in.
  • My Mom was able to snag even bigger deals because she spent more money than I did. lol Lots more money than I
  • I do not have strep throat...(yet?)
  • I have two working hands.
  • My husband loves me despite my many flaws.
  • My children still like to hang with me during the day.
  • My Chico's size three jeans still fit. And if you know what a size three is in "chico's terms" then you'll know that's not a tiny size like the size MOON wears, but is actually a larger size. Yes. I am thankful that they still fit, albeit a little tight, they still fit. Shut up. I can still be thankful!
  • School begins soon and I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming, work-wise.

Still stuff up my sleeve... I'll bring it out soon.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Hang in there. Your cheering section is still here!