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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The week ahead...

Hubby and girls are on their way back from their three-day trip to Dayton, they had a nice time he said. Swimming in Grandma's pool is always fun, the girls love the diving board. I did too when I was their age, now I'm not so sure. lol It's odd, this is the first Summer that I haven't gotten in the water yet. Sad. I'm really hoping that I'll get myself to the pool at least ONE day, maybe next week.

This week however, I'm going to be swamped, finishing up orders and trying to do a "inventory clear out" for my upcoming bead show on Saturday. I'll be heading with all four kids this time, back to Ohio. I love bead shows but it's really nice to take MONEY with you when you go, so it's the perfect time to have a clear-out sale (and you can help with that!). I'll have everything marked way down, usually for what I have in the item, just to move it along and/or give someone the opportunity of buying my things when they ordinarily wouldn't. My goal is to have my sale items ready by Wednesday and I do not think this is a lofty goal (despite what you're thinking! yes. yes. I can hear your mind turning, saying, "oh she'll never get it all done! she'll never have time!"---ahhhh yes, true true, but TODAY, you little smarty pants, my two youngest girls are going to CAMP!! Ha! Gotcha! You didn't know that now, did ya!? So, from about 2p today until 3p Tuesday, I will have only TWO children here and well, that should give me enough time! So there! Ha!) I will of course, send out an email to you beforehand.

Okay folks, I need to go. Lots to do today, getting the girls out the door and they need a shower before they go, because why? Oh. Yes. BECAUSE (!!!) From the looks of their uncombed hair and um, filthy faces, that they did not take one of these things called "showers" when they went to camp last year. So, I'm fixing that problem this year. At least the first day they'll be clean, after that, I can't promise you anything. lol They do go swimming. That's cleaning right? According to Nathaniel, who just camp back from his week-long trip to Missouri thinks it is, because he only wore one outfit the entire time he was gone. (I know. This is really gross, isn't it? He did wear both pairs of swim trunks though, so all is not lost on his hygiene.) Nathaniel didn't wash his hair either and I can attest to the fact that it smelled exactly like mildew when he stuck his head in my face last night before taking a shower. Um? Nice smell, there uh, BOY. Ahhh to be a boy. (never!) He really had an awesome trip and they're going back again next year!

You have a great Sunday! I do have some surprises up my sleeve. Be on the look out. :)

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