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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

darkness looms but it's bright inside

jeff bought some 100 watt bulbs, the old fashioned kind, to my studio yesterday. mine had gone out....after about four months, mind you. i don't like the new ones that have to be safely thrown out in those little go-green wrappers. yeah whatever. so i'm not a tree hugger. whatever. i almost fell for that trick, seriously. about two years ago jeff and i bought a HUGE pack of those new twirly-loopy light bulbs, the ones that are supposed to CHANGE THE WORLD of light bulbs and make everything right again. (wha?) the ones that aren't hot to the touch (which, i have to admit, is a bonus), the ones that like i said before, have to be thrown out with care inside those protective wrappers, and the ones that are supposed to last longer than ANY other lightbulb on earth! yeah. um? it didn't work that way for me. actually, they burned out so quickly that we felt like we'd wasted about thirty bucks on the pack that we bought. ugh. so after they all stopped working, we immediately went back to the old faithfuls. maybe it's because the light bulbs know that my house was constructed in 1964 and it's old? maybe. lol (how did i get on this tangent anyway?) so now my studio room is VERY bright and i'm happy as can be and it cost me all of $3.12. :) don't fix what ain't broken. you know?

well, that's it for now. i'm going to work and i have photos to take of the earrings i made, but alas it IS dark DARK! outside, i mean SO dark that i thought it was still night, dark. yikes! so we'll see if i can get pics up today or if they have to wait till tomorrow. i'll keep you posted!

enjoy your day! :) i'm started TTW again. can't wait. :)

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