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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well poo. My dryer broke. Why!!? Why did my dryer break? Ugh. It's a known fact that I don't do well with appliances, especially dryers and washers. lol Maybe I don't buy the really expensive ones. lol UGH!! So, instead of buying another brand new one, Jeff has been scouring Craig's List for something used. I've never done this before, wish me luck. I hope to find something on the cheap side, that I can use for a while until I can afford to get something PINK GREAT. We did find one on CL that Jeff had planned to go get around 9a (because the woman told us not to call before that) and then when we call, at exactly 9a, she says that someone else is coming to look at it. Wha?? People. Very annoying. So, I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, Laurie won't be doing any laundry for a while. lol Bummers!

I'm still boxing today. Oh wow, so much stuff to load and get outa here. :) It's a good thing! I've been featured on some blogs of late, and it has been a wonderfully overwhelming response. :) Thank you to all my newbies!

So, on our way home from Cinci yesterday, Jack-Jack threw up all over me. Like really threw up all over me. My legs. My arms. On my neck. On my feet. All of it. ::sigh:: He doesn't do so well in the car. Boooo. Poor thing. I think I will be getting him some motion sickness pills for our next trip cuz I don't want to go through that again. It was gross. lol Claire on the other hand, did fine. lol She's a pistol, by the way, a real pistol! I'll see if Emily can take some pictures of them soon. Claire is getting so big. Jack-Jack hasn't grown in a couple months so I think he's done. He's pretty tiny and scrawny. I love him.

Okay. So. Can we all say FREEDOM? lol Say it with me. F R E E D O M. Ahhhh. Doesn't that sound nice? I know, it does to me too. Just hearing it fly off my tongue makes my mouth water in delight. :) Why? children are back in school!!!! lol YAY!!! The freedom is bliss. Sheer bliss. Lunches with friends. Maybe a movie. Grocery shopping in peace. Finishing an entire bracelet project in ONE sitting. Packing for the mailman and getting it ALL done. The joy is covering me all over now with warm fuzzies for children who are NOT making noise in my home or messes or fighting over stupid stuff or, or, or. It's FREEDOM baby!

Peace out and I'll catch up with ya's later!

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