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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Award? For me!?!!

A blog award? For me?! Really? Really really? Excellent!
Thank you Kristen!

I'm supposed to write five things I LOVE and link to ten others.
So, here goes.
  1. I love my husband. He makes me laugh.
  2. I love my children. They brighten my day.
  3. I love my friends. They keep me sane.
  4. I love audio books. They help me create.
  5. I love cupcakes. Especially my Mother's.

Ten blogs that I adore.
1. Moon Ko Photography (i love her style)
2. Thrifty Decor Chick (i love her thriftiness)
3. A Soft Place To Land (i love her decor)
4. Twice Remembered (i love her kitchen)
5. Bakerella (i love her cuppies)
6. The Thrifty Chicks (i love their stuff!)
7. Today's Creative Blog (i love all of it)
8. Bits & Pieces (i love her pics)
9. A Daily Dose of Davis (i love her posts)

and last but not least... my big fave...
10. Bead Goodies (she always makes me laugh!!)

Okay, that's it. :) Enjoy your day!

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