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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hullo's and Updates.

This is Emily's dog, Sadie. She's a quiet soul, Miss Sadie. Normally she wanders over for a polite, "hullo" and "how are you" to the little dogs, and then she's on her way back to her own yard. We like Sadie. :) Yesterday morning I noticed Sadie sitting in the middle of our very small street. Cracked me up! So, I snapped her picture. Funny girl, Miss Sadie.

Here's Sadie coming to say her "hullo's" to Jeff and Jack-Jack. :) Even our dogs are friendly on our street. :) I love living here.
* * *

Hello and happy Sunday to All!

I'm heading out the door to Cincinnati. Our plan is to celebrate Nadine's sixth and Nicole's eighth birthday parties with Grandma and Papaw. I'm not sure what's all in store, but it will be fun I have no doubt. Tomorrow we're headed to King's Island. Wish me luck. lol It's going to be a scorcher and I do NOT do well in the heat. I drip like a faucet. Yuck. Not very ladylike, I assure you.

For all of you who've placed orders in the last few days and have not heard from me, I will respond by Wednesday. I will be torching again on Tuesday evening and most likely on Wednesday, so if you're wanting to place an order, I'd do it soon so that I can add your beads to my work-load.

Everyone who has inquired about Edward's Lullaby, I thank you. It is such a lovely piece. More have been added to the shoppe, so if you want it, grab it now. I'll be making my findings orders mid-week.

For all of you who've placed orders for Pandora-Style sterling (large-hole) beads, those orders have been placed and will ship out by Thursday.

Thank you, thank you for the overwhelming response from all the CZ fans. I can't tell you how you've made my time reading emails sooo wonderful! :) Have a fantastic day and I'll catch up with you tomorrow when I return.

1 comment:

elisa said...

Love your blog- and jewelry!!

Your beads are so much fun.

Where in Ky are you? We have a farm in Lexington. Love it there.