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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lifelong friends.

Our dearest and oldest friends, The Stephens' came to visit us for the night, on their way back from Branson, Missouri. Phew. What a drive that must have been! Their kids are the best travelers EVER. No really. I cannot imagine putting all of my kids in a vehicle for hours and hours, without fuss, without game boys, without televisions, nope, none of that. I could not imagine it, but they do it and they're all very pleasant and happy too! lol :) Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

One thing none of these kids is good at... taking photos in the sun. lol Notice all the squinting going on? Yeah. I tried. Three times. Oh well. They're still cute. :)

As I have mentioned in other posts, from their other visits of years passed, our kids are very close in age. Carie is my bestest friend. :) We have been in each others' weddings, pregnant together four times (although she outdid me and had a fifth one, Miss Dixie).

The "Boys", Nathaniel and Charlie (back center) are both eleven. Then Natalie and Hazel (front row, far right) are both nine and a half. Nicole and Mary (front row, far left) are both eight. Nadine and Lacy (front row, center) are both six. Then there's our littlest member, Miss Dixie Duke, blue flower dress, she's five...notice her shoes. lol She put them on all by herself. I remember when my kids put their shoes on the wrong feet. I love it.

I like this one best. :) Lifelong friends for sure.
And then there's this face. Is she not the cutest little thing? With her Anne of Green Gables freckles and sassy auburn hair? She is just precious. She's also our Goddaughter and holds a special place in our hearts. We love her tiny voice too. :) It's by far her best feature.

We had a lovely time with our friends.

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