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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nicole turns eight! Say it isn't so...

Our Nicole turned eight today. I can hardly believe it. Out of all my children, she was the happiest baby. :) She rarely cried and was always happy to go anywhere. She hasn't really changed at all, she's still the "half is half full" and always looks on the bright side of things.

I have this picture of the girls when we were in Cumberland Falls last month, Nicole is throwing her arms back and just so happy to be there. I was thrilled to catch it on film (or should I say, "digital" ? lol). It's one of my favorite candid shots of the three of them.

She has lots of friends and is fun to be around. I love that about her. She doesn't know how to ride a bike (shocking, I know) because she's your every day Princess and is afraid that the bike will go too fast for her. She's not really afraid of falling, it's more about the speed. lol She likes tea sets, coloring pages, PET SOCIETY (on Facebook) and anything pink (smart girl!). She's our sweet Nicole. I have the pleasure of hearing that she looks a lot like me. :)
Tonight we went to her favorite place to eat (me too!), Chili's, and met up with Rich & Moon and the girls. We had a great time. :) Tomorrow the kids are all heading back to my folks' house so I can get some MUCH-NEEDED work accomplished. Yowza! So I know I said that I wouldn't work on weekends, but well, this is a must. I'm kinda stressin' out people and it's keeping me up at night. lol So... to catch up... I's a workin! :)
You all have a great day tomorrow and I'll see ya later.
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Nicole. I love you bunches!


AmyUy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Nicole!!!
Hope you had a great day and I love all the things your Mommy wrote about you!! You sound fun and amazing!!
Amy, Chewie, & Cassandra

Pretty Things said...

Oh I'm dying about Zack growing up. I just wrote a bit on my blog where Zack himself is afraid of growing up (he's six). Le sigh.