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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, a little of this and a little of that...

Hullo gals (although, if you've noticed my growing number of followers, you'll notice there's a cartoony face that says, "Laurie's Lover".... that's my honey being "funny". lol It IS funny, isn't it?! lol I love his humor...),

Okay... so on to the day. I'm so excited about it because my silver order is all sorted and I can begin mailing out all the Pandora-style beadies along with your other beauties that you ordered. Yay! I'm SO excited for all the packages to be delivered to your little fingers, that I can barely stand it. It's one of my great pleasures in life, to receive the emails after a box has been opened and to hear the squeals and giggles from afar. :) So, I will sit here patiently waiting for you, who've been so patiently waiting for your package to receive it! And for those of you who said you weren't in a rush and to "put me last"... many hugs thrown right back atcha! It's been a bit hairy around here and I LOVE IT!!!! NO COMPLAINTS from this plumpish gal!!! (wait. did i just say i was plumpish? oh, and in case you're wondering, yes indeedy, plumpish IS a word. ha! it is! i know you were thinking i totally made that up. nope. i did not.)

So... on my agenda for tomorrow? Well, it's kinda up in the air for some people, but for me, it's not. I'm rearranging my schedule and going to the movies at NOON to see The Time Traveler's Wife. Jeff has an engagement in the evening so I'll work then and the kids will probably want to rent a movie, have popcorn, all that jazz. Anyway, back to ME. I'm going with some friends to see the TTW and I'm just so excited about it! I'll certainly let you know how it goes. And, I think we'll be going to Panera beforehand...ahhhhh the joys of Panera. I can just taste it now. Yummers.

Started Weight Watchers AGAIN. I feel like such a loser! I WILL SUCCEED. My mother called me the "three week wonder" and I'm guessing (and hoping) she's only referring to my ability to not lose weight and can only stick to a diet for three weeks. Well, I will have you know that last Fall when I did Weight Watchers I was on it for three months so she should, if anything, call me the three-MONTH wonder because I lost 23 pounds in three months. So there. However, I'm going on vacation in October (to Florida) and I do NOT want my big ol' rump showing up on facebook photos that friends decided to just "post for giggles". Yeah. Um. No. We won't be havin' none of that nonsense. lol So, Laurie is officially on Weight Watchers for three months however long it takes her to lose weight or three months.

Oh, before I forget, today is the last day for the Summer Splash price on Summer Goodness (normally $164.99 to $139.99 and free shipping). If you want one, better grab her up, because the price will go to it's regularly schedule programming tomorrow. I've never had her on sale before but thought it would be a nice way to end the Summer. :)

Enjoy your day! I will!

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