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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

thank goodness for no headpins...

Today ended up being completely different than I'd planned. I didn't end up working at all. Instead, my girlfriends called and wanted to take all of our kids to the movies. Then, another friend asked if I could keep her son while she did stuff with her daughter (girl scout stuff) so that changed my day too. It turned out to be a nice day. :)

We went to see that Aliens in the Attic movie, very similar to Spiderwick I'd say, but more silly. The kids liked it. Then we went to Taco Bell for some grub. As we were driving home I saw a Goodwill store (shocker!) and made a quick stop. I found a coffee table perfect for the play room and snagged it for $5.50. It is now waiting for me to paint it, which I'll do here shortly.

All is not lost really because I couldn't finish the custom orders I needed to since I ran out of headpins. On my last silver order I thought I'd ordered about 3,000 of them and well, I didn't order enough. So... that ended that! I placed the order yesterday (when I discovered I didn't have any more) and they should arrive tomorrow. Yay!

Thank you all for understanding that the Summer is more difficult on me, work-wise. My kids miss having me on some of these outings and Dad has gone on them all Summer. This was my first time getting to take them to the movies with the girls. I am so glad I went. We had a nice time. I miss hanging with them. Soon, it will be schooltime and I'll get to do some lunches, which is always nice but we still end up getting busy with our lives. So, it's nice to take these outings when we can. :) I'm glad that my job is flexible enough to do that, albeit demanding in other ways. Thank goodness for lack of headpins! I would have sent Jeff in my place had they been here. :)

Okay, I'm off. I'll take the photos of the earrings and will post them tomorrow. I'm tired after my day and just want to veg-out on the sofa...and do a bit of spray painting. :)

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