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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's one of those things I don't get to do very often, edit photos of custom work. That is unless, a customer wants to see their photos prior to my sending them, which is rarely the case believe it or not. I know how it is, you want to be surprised, elated with your package, yup, I totally get it. :) So, no worries from me. However, I did manage to get a new bracelet up and thought you'd like to see it. I love the toggle. The most beautiful thing. One of my favorites. If you want to see more photos, click the Custom Work linky on the right of the page. (you might need to scroll down)
This morning I'm running around town with Moon. I have no more jewelry tags as I used my very last one yesterday but thankfully, my next shipment arrives today. Also, I have no jumprings. A staple in my line of work, and I use very thick jumps and pricey ones at that! An order of jumprings can run more than a hundred bucks I tell ya, crazy! But, like I said, I like the thick ones and I use 14 and 16 gauge, so yup, they're pretty thick. :) Basically what I'm saying is that by being out of both jumps and tags, I get a break from work this morning or at least until the mailman comes with my goodies. :) I think we're going fabric shopping and I am going to search for a gift for my hubby's birthday and a card. Although, he'll squawk about the card. I can hear him now, "do not buy cards". In the olden days, sans kids, we would stand in the isle at Hallmark and he would show me a card he liked and say, "this is how I feel, read it." I would read it and then say, "that was lovely! and now we've just saved ourselves 4.59 by not buying this lovely card." lol We're not big on cards. For kids birthdays we usually buy a book and sign the inside because a book lasts much longer and serves as a reminder of the event. I like that better, don't you? :) Plus, you can find really cute books at the dollar store. Good luck finding a nice birthday card for a buck.
Okay. I need to scram. I will be back tonight with the Time Traveler's bracelet. :) I have one. Just one. :)
Enjoy your day. It looks like rain here. :(

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this bracelet!