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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi. I'm Nadine. Can I come in?

My neighbor Jeanne comes over yesterday while my other neighbor Rhonda and I were chatting on my porch. Our street is small so it's easy to join in on chat-fun. Jeanne told me that Nadine came to her door yesterday, introduced herself and said, "I've never been in your house before, can I come in?" (lol) Cracked me up! So Jeanne says, absolutely and told Nadine (who was joined by her smaller and very-funny side-kick, Ellie--Rhonda's daughter) that she could come in and look around. lol Only Nadine would be so blunt as to just ask to come inside someones house and look around. lol Fortunately Jeanne didn't mind and found it quite funny. Thank goodness! :) (by the way, Emily, Jeanne's daughter, took this photo of Deanie...we love Em!! But not just cuz she takes great pictures of our kids and puppies, we love her cause she's just wonderful! And did I mention that she got to meet the Jonas brothers!!! Pretty cool huh! Isn't she cute!!!?)
I'm sorry I didn't get Time Traveler up yesterday. It was very sunny yesterday and all of my pictures were too bright, making the beads distorted so I decided not to post it. I'll take photos today and see what happens.

My jump rings didn't arrive yesterday. ::sigh:: We have such slow mail. I thought for sure they would be here since the tracking said estimated delivery was for the 26th. Well, poo. Not the case. Why do I have such dealings with the mail? It's our town. It's small. I think they just put things on the shelf when they can't get to them all. lol No joke. I do think that! lol There's just no other reason for it. Oh well. I'm not going to worry about it.

Most of the packages from the last three weeks have all been mailed. If you ordered a lot of things, they will go out this week, tomorrow in fact. All Edward's Lullaby bracelets are nearly finished but I need jump rings to add the they're waiting...

Well, I need to scat. Long day today. We have some sort of thing at Nathaniel's school (I don't really know what it is, I'll need to ask Missy cause she knows everything. no really. she does. When in doubt? Ask Missy. :)

You have a great day! I'll talk to you later. I'll do my best with photos and Time Traveler. I have one. And I'll give you a hint, there are two charms on it. :)

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture of your daughter!! She is such a cutie and she has very pretty blue eyes!