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Friday, September 25, 2009

Diana Gabaldon comes to Lexington!

Ok peeps!

It was awesome! You know, I've never been to a book signing (unless you can count the children's book guy - Kevin Henkes and Jimmy Carter's signing of his book of poems), and this was really fun. :) I'm definitely doing it again...they said she would be back to Lexington. Yay!

Missy and I left my house a little after 4p to meet up with Moon who was already in Lex. We had dinner at the Bistro (always grand--they do a great chicken salad on croissant with bacon and swiss... excellent! you must try it out sometime) and then headed downstairs to wait.

Our wait wasn't terribly long, maybe an hour or so. It was pleasant chatting with other Outlander-lovers and finding out that we also had other similar loves regarding books (ie: Sookie, Twilight etc). Who knew!? lol It was giggles about this and that, fun stuff. Among the fans we saw some kilt-wearing fellas that had no resemblance to James Frazier at all, but I suppose they were just trying to do their best for Mrs. Gabaldon. It cracked me up a little, seeing all the folks in their garb. Am I not a true fan because I didn't have my "I'd leave my husband for Jamies Fraser" t-shirt on? lol Maybe I need to snag one soon... yes. Add it to My List.

Diana was a great speaker, had us laughing throughout her entire speech, if that's what you call it. She gave wonderful details about how she came up with the idea to write this book and how Jamie and Claire "exist" in her mind. I especially loved how she brought Claire to life. Shouldn't I have told her that our little Yorkie teacup is named after Claire? ::sigh:: I completely forgot. Darn. Oh well. Next time. Again with the List.

The highlight was when she began to read a particular passage from Echo and well, um, ::cough cough:: it was a tad (!!!) racy and um, ::stammers and stutters:: it was loverly. lol We all giggled like school girls when she mentioned a few bits and pieces (go with me here, won't you?) and um, ::more coughing:: it was enough to bring beads of sweat to your forehead. :) (but in a good way,of course!)

Missy, Moon and I are all anxious to get to the next book, they're both mid-way through Dragonfly in Amber while I'm nearly finished with Voyager, gearing up for Drums of Autumn. The great thing is knowing how many more we have ahead of us. Do you remember that newness you had when reading Twilight or even Sookie and you thought, "how awesome is this that I'm just at the beginning with the whole series ahead of me?" Yeah. That's where we are right now. :) Good stuff.

So, while we're waiting for our turn at signing, we chat with two sisters (they were a hoot!!!) and I think they were Erin and Amanda... (girls, if you're reading this, it was terrific meeting you!). We had a wonderful time giggling over movies and things our kids do (or shouldn't do). It's always nice to find nice folks to talk to. Moon says I can find people anywhere I go. Isn't that the best thing? To find people just to chat with (as long as they're not crazy?--altho I can handle a little crazy cuz I'm definitely not right in the head, I know that much! lol!). When we bought the book, we were given a letter to be handed in when it was our turn for signing. Anyhoo, Erin and Amanda were a letter ahead of me and I was able to poke up in line with them. Thank you tons, ladies!

Well, all in all it was a simply splendid evening and I am so glad that I was able to attend the event, never having done anything like that before. It's makes you appreciate the book even more, getting to hear how she came up with them? You know? How imaginative. I enjoyed that the most, I think. I wish you could have been there!

Have a great day tomorrow, more things coming to the shoppe. :)


Kirsten N said...

I bought An Echo in the Bone yesterday!!! Lucky you getting to meet DG - she is coming to Australia in November so hope I can get to see her then :)

Stacie said...

Someone told me she is supposed to be in Dayton soon (?) Have to look into that! Would she go to Lexington AND Dayton but not stop in Cincinnati?

Pretty Things said...

Lucky lucky you! (Happily jealous!)