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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thrifty Decor Chick Speaks. Road Trip. Sale.

(go right now! to check out Sarah and all her happenings at TDC)

Hello my peeps!

So. I am a HUGE HUGE FAN (it's a sickness. no really. it is.) of Thrifty Decor Chick. I haven't a clue how I landed myself upon her bloggy site but boy, I sure am glad that I did. She's been feeding my new found love of spray paint (which I hated before -- but that was before she opened my mind to all its possibilities! picture frames. old candlesticks. metal buckets. metal anything!). It's been loverly, I tell you, just loverly.

I consider myself a fairly crafty person, but everyone knows that I am horrible at picking out paint colors. Well, after reading her blog posts (I've read them all people. every. single. one.) I have realized that it's not too difficult and so far so good. :) She's caused me to tackle cording and piping and all things that involve recovering a cushion. Something I was afraid to do before, she's caused me to stop and just see how simple it IS and if I mess up, then it's no big deal. She uses power tools (gasp!) and a hammer gun (is that what you call it?). Her ability to put crown molding up, do a complete redo on a sofa and find the neatest things to decorate your home, is the very reason I adore reading her witty blog posts. :)

The only thing it has me longing for is a new home. Can you imagine? A home where the walls have maybe ONE coat of paint because YOU are the only person who has lived in said home? Or, the idea of having windows that are NEW. I mean NEW! But, that isn't my lot (at the moment) and I shan't covet they friends new home (cuz really, none of my friends has a home that I could see myself living that's good, right? lol). However, I'm recently jealous of Moon's new attic reno which is AMAZING. I stand up there and cov-vet. lol Yesterday I got to see this place that I am now coveting, and she says, "you're jealous aren't you?" YES. YES I AM!!!! lol I was all a flutter and told her that I would bring my bags right over and I would leave my family behind. lol She's going to put more pics up of the reno soon, so I'll be sure to linky to her when she does. She has some up now so you can go check them out, but I assure you that her space is three-times bigger than what it looks like in those photos. Awesome stuff!

So anyway... after reading yesterdays post about how Sarah (from TDC) is going to be speaking in Indy on Feb 1 through 3, I thought... ROAD TRIP. Indy isn't that far from me, maybe three hours. :) After all, she did say that she wanted us, her readers, to fill her seats! :) I hope to be one of them!

Now, what you've been waiting for... the news about my upcoming "We're-going-on-vacation-and-everything-must-go" SALE! I am hoping (!!!) to have everything up by Tuesday, but at the latest it will be Wednesday. So, for all of you who haven't gotten on my private mailing list, because they're the ones who get the first announcement, you might wanna get signed up. :) You can go HERE to do that. It's gonna be good girlies. I have some lovely gemstone necklace sets, amazing earrings that I want to keep for myself, bunches of bracelets that are perfect for day-wear and some other wonderful beauties that I know you're gonna wanna see! (don't you like my use of "gonna" and "wanna" ? Yeah. I know. me too.)

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