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Monday, September 28, 2009

New camera photos.

... Beans on her Rip-Rider

... Claire finally letting me get a good shot of her

... what is she saying? "Oh come on? Enough pictures already." She is so sassy!

... Jack-Jack is a little out of focus but you get the idea. lol

... Jack-Jack, he's so cute. I love his face.

I have a new camera. For two years (or maybe three!) I've wanted a really goooood camera (like a 'body' camera with lenses and all that mess!) and the prices have dropped low enough that I could finally get one, and just in time for vacation too! The lighting isn't the best as it's 6p in the evening but I'll try some more tomorrow. Yay! Good pictures of my family! I am SO excited!!!!

I can now cross CAMERA off My List. :) Ain't it grand?!

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Let it Shine said...

These pictures are SO cute!

Take care,