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Monday, September 21, 2009

New things on their way...

I'll have some new things in the Shoppe later today. Deanie said one of her teeth was bothering her so she's off to the dentist (she's actually there right now). Which meant that I needed to go grab Nathaniel from school, run home to get Natalie and take them both to swim practice. Normally Jeff does this but he's with Deanie. So I will be RIGHT back with a couple new pieces. Also, I put new inventory in the shoppe too!

So, how do you like it? The Shoppe, I mean? Easy to navigate? I think so! I've had a lot of compliments thus far and although it's not as "flashy and pretty" as my Gallery website, it's SO much easier for ME to keep on top of. I love it!

Okay, I hear thunder. Yuck. I don't like driving in thunder. No no no. Talk to you later. Gotta dash.

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