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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Swine Flu. Sale. Baby dance.

Good morning! How is everyone on this fine day? It's very dark in my house since it's overcast outside, and I need better lighting. lol I like this sort of day though, because I can do a lot of torching (you can see the flame better when it's not sunny outside).

So. I think I might have two children who're coming home from school. Definitely ONE child is coming home (and right this second it has begun to POUR rain. nice. ugh. Jeff just left to get Nathaniel from school because he's not feeling well). On his way back he'll swing by the elementary school to see if Nicole wants to come home, which I imagine will be yes. Then off we go to the doc's office to see what what they might have. Let's hope it isn't the Swine Flu but most likely it is. We have several close friends who have it (right now) and we're around them a lot so the chances of my kids getting it is kinda high. Boo. I'll keep you posted.

FYI: Sanitizer.

I've put a few new things in the Shoppe but they have already sold out. I'll start making blog posts every time I add anything new, they will be short and sweet. Several of you have inquired about "how will we know!?" when I add new things. :) So there's your answer. :) lol

Thank you for the patience of those who are still waiting on custom work. I'm coming to an end, the light is near! Each piece is important which means YOU are important. I noticed that I was rushing and I not only sent the wrong bracelet to someone, but the wrong earrings and then on one bracelet I forgot to add a charm... ugh. So, I'm not thrilled with those mistakes. They're few mistakes among many perfect pieces, but still... I want no mistakes at all. Thank you for everything!

30 minutes pass

So, I've just made two doctor appointments for Nathaniel and Nicole. Wish us luck.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm working on a big sale! It's called...

We're-going-on-vacation-so-everything-must-go-SALE!!! lol

Talk to ya later!

PS: Click here to view the baby dance! :)

1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

I really hope it's not Swine Flu. We're watching Zack closely. There's a lot of it running around here.

BTW, have you gotten "An Echo in the Bone" yet?