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Friday, September 11, 2009

Rants and Ramblings.

Fall is almost here. My heart goes pitter pat when I think about the falling leaves that cover steps, the wind running through my hair, the cool Sun beating down on my face. There's nothing better than capri's and sweatshirts with hoodies (of which I am a fan of "Hoodies" on facebook!). It's just the best time of year. I probably like it better than Christmas, to tell you the truth. It seems that days are slower during the Fall, you know what I mean? Christmas is lovely, don't get me wrong but the days go by so quickly and then you have January's winter which is a slow drag and makes me very cranky. Very few days in Fall make me cranky. I love all of it. Especially Halloween when my kids dress up from things of their imaginations. It's just glorious.

A friend stopped by and bought the earrings I made. I do have more coming... ::sigh:: Sorry about that. I will post them today so you can see.

I'm still finishing up the custom orders. Remember, Tuesday is the last day that I will accept payment for custom work. In the next few months, I'd like to begin focusing on some designs that I have decided to make... you know, ideas from books, movies, songs or interesting colors I see around me? That sort of thing. Not that I don't do that now, but with custom work always coming in, I just don't get as much time as I'd like. Plus, we're in the processes of going nationwide so things are a bit crazy around here (more on this later).

We had our first Brownies meeting yesterday. It went great! I was thrilled to have so many little youngsters eager to have fun, chit chat and learn. Over the weekend I'll be going to pick up girl scout books for our next meeting. It's gonna be a great year!

Christmas is around the corner. I know. I know. You can't believe it either? Yeah. It's really terrible. Where in the world did the year run off to? I really have no clue. It seems that the years get shorter and shorter and faster and faster. I don't like it. Moon's little surfer-dude Charlie is going to be turning TWO and I know that it was just YESTERDAY that I went to the hospital to see his little mug. (don't tell Moon that I said he was going to be turning two. she doesn't want to be reminded of this fact or this upcoming event, so shhh!) However, if you read her latest blog post (here) you'll quickly realize that she's probably ready for him to turn twenty. lol Funny stuff. Okay, I digress. So, Christmas is coming. Shocking. Just shocking. I'm going to be making all kinds of stuff in preparations for it. Everything I make will either be limited in quantity or one-of-a-kind. I don't want to be taking orders on anything because I take too long. If you want me to make it, I will, don't get me wrong, but please realize that sometimes good things comes to those who wait and hopefully you feel that my things are "good" and that you can "wait". :) I make every little thing from beginning to end by scratch, from my own two hands, and while I imagine other designers are faster and get their things right out the door in a fast manner, I have come to find out that I am not possible of that. ::sigh:: With a house full of children who all have needs and events they feel they MUST attend (and I being the taxi driver) still have those responsibilities to attend to. And don't forget my husband. lol He's quite needy you know. lol I'd love to clone myself but that too isn't gonna happen so like I said, if you want something made, get in line. Typically I am at LEAST sixty orders behind and I work a heck of a lot of hours in a week so if you're waiting... remember that, okay? I love each of you dearly and your orders are CONSTANTLY on my mind (just ask my close friends). It's just a struggle some days but I am SO lucky and SO blessed to be able to do the job that I am in love with. :)

Okay, that's my rant for the day. I am off. I have work to do. People to see. Places to go (picking up five shirts so five littler girls can have a "Tie-dye" party tonight--wish me luck!, getting some grub so the little people have food to munch on tonight, get kitty litter cuz um, ya's beginning to have an odor in there...). So, I'm off! You have a fantabulouso weekend and I will catch up with you later.

hugs from me!

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