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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Thursday!

Today I was supposed to go to a Fashion Show with some girlfriends, a fundraising event for one of our church members. I really meant and wanted to go but after looking at my workload last night, I panicked and decided that it would be best if I didn't. I hope my friends aren't upset with me. :(

This afternoon I have my first Girl Scouts meeting. :) I'm excited about it. We have a lot of new girls (totalling roughly 20, btw) and it should make for an interesting time, to say the least. lol I'll be meeting with the parents, letting them know our fall and winter schedule, keeping them all informed. With the new website, I hope that it will be a lot easier for them to find the information they need and not stress about lost papers and phone numbers to find out information. That's what happened to me all the time. I was constantly worrying over missing events. Now that I'm in charge I will HAVE to know everything but the site will be nice for the parents. :) Don't ya think? Sometimes I stop and get so giddy that I have a firm knowledge of the internet. No really. I do. When I hear people talk about not knowing what to do or getting lost or being afraid to surf the "net", I think how fortunate I am to understand it all. Now, don't go asking me what 12 x 5 is because I will need to get a calculator to help you figure that out, but if you want to know how to upload a photo, connect links to words or FTP your site from your computer? Now that I can do! :)

I have to go. Busy morning and I've already gone to MacDonald's for a coffee. Yay me! :) I will have the earrings up today. :) I took photos already.

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